My friends are flash mob stars, again!

Those dern Baton Rougeians are at it again, this time at Fest for All and dancing to Duffy’s “Mercy.” I’m not sure if Leonard Augustus choreographed this one like he did the Laurel Street Lollapalooza back in January – that is may be him dancing in the center of the circle at the beginning, with the red hat. Becks and Torlief are definitely dancing up a storm once more.

I saw Torlief first, about 23 seconds in. He’s the tall, bald black dude wearing a bright blue tank top. Once I knew where Torlief was, I knew Becks had to be somewhere nearby. Then, I realized that she’s the brunette girl in the red tank top – on the left bottom side of the screen with her back to us. She gets cut out of the video several times – maybe she’ll be more visible in the official version. At about 2:06, the camera pans back and she’s facing the camera, still on the left.


I stole these pics off the flash mob’s Facebook page (and cropped them):

Becks in the red on the left and Torlief in the blue tank on the right

Torlief in the blue and Leonard Augustus in the red hat and tank


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