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Fight like a Jedi!

So, not having an iPhone myself, I was unaware that there is a light saber app. 🙂 One of my coworkers was playing with his and I grabbed my camera to take a video of him doing it, cause I thought it was funny. In a perfect bit of timing, I’d just gotten it turned on when another guy we work with walked by and – without saying a word – jumped forward and challenged the first to a light saber duel. Check it out.

Pop culture at its finest.

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Taking a strong circumstance

My newest 225 Magazine piece is up on the website. This one is a profile of David Madden’s new book Abducted By Circumstance.

In really sad news, a little birdie just told me that it looks like the 2010 Louisiana Book Festival will be canceled. Time for an enormous half million dollar fundraiser, y’all. We can do it. Me? I pledge to volunteer my time and I’ll draft two or three of my friends. No, FIVE! Just don’t cancel the festival!


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