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Legendary, Halloween and NaNoWriMo

So, I bought a copy of the film Legendary, which was the first of the WWE movies I worked on. It was really good, though not what people expect when they think WWE. I think that’s cool. Plus, I have a lot of memories tied in to these movies. I was working on set for two days of Legendary, so my memories are all in the final, climatic sequence of the film. Any time you see a giant scoreboard with time ticking down, that’s my work. 🙂

Today is Halloween, which means many different things around here. For one, it means the end of Voodoo Music Festival and a suddenly empty house after the five people who’ve been staying in my roommate’s room suddenly leave. For another, it means a Saints game later tonight and, of course, handing out candy to kids while partying with my neighbors on my porch.

And last, it means that NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. I’m pumped up and exhausted, at the same time. So, from that weird place, I wrote an essay that went up on Dr. Wicked’s Write or Die site today. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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And the bird fell into the man’s lap

I’m sitting at Cheers, minding my own business and writing (really!) when outside my window, a little bird falls into a man’s lap. He jumps, not realizing what it is and the bird falls onto the sidewalk, fluttering its wings. The man is sad he dumped the bird onto the ground, so he coaxes the bird onto his flattened-out map. (I guess he’s not from around here, what a story to tell when he gets home). Then the guy slowly, so as to not disturb the bird, turns around and sits back on his chair. All the while, he keeps the bird balanced steadily on his map.

My jaw is open this whole time. So is the jaw of my neighbor, over at the closest table, also by the windows. In unison, my neighbor in the coffee shop, the tourist man with the bird, his wife and I all look up. Where did this bird come from? There’s a balcony overhead, but no visible nest. There are no trees within sight.  The bird literally just fell from the sky and into the man’s lap.

It’s a little bird, but probably not a baby. It perches on the edge of the guy’s map, which he holds steady, his arm resting on his leg. The bird’s sides heave and its eyes dart around wildly, but both his heaving and his eyes slow as the bird relaxes. And then the man and the bird just chill, sitting there together. The bird is calm and doesn’t move its wings. A few of us inside the coffeeshop wonder if it’s hurt, cause surely it would fly away if it could.

And then, while we’re all speculating and watching, after several moments of resting, the bird flies away. The man turns, looks into the coffeeshop and flaps his arms to tell all of us that all is well.

This really happened, just now. Check out my photographic evidence.

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Brag, baby, brag

Bragging on my friends and colleagues is my favorite thing to do! The awesome people in my life give me no shortage of opportunity to brag on them, either. Check it out!

I was so excited to hear that my friend (and former professor) Mari Kornhauser was tapped by Treme – the first female writer hired for the show. As good as the show is, man do they need her! My favorite quote from the article linked to above is this, which just exemplifies Mari:

“At the end of the meal, Overmyer asked Kornhauser, who has professional experience in feature filmmaking, what she thought about writing for television.

“I asked him, ‘Do you mean for your show?'” Kornhauser said. “When he said yes, I responded ‘Hell yeah. Who wouldn’t?'”

What she will add to the show goes far above and beyond the previously missing feminine touch. She’s a phenomenal writer and teacher and Treme is lucky and smart to have her on their team. I was already excited for the second season of Treme since it was an amazing experience to watch season one with friends at local bars and because Dave does some work for them. But now, I’m doubly – no, triply – invested in the show.

My friend Susan Broussard wrote a piece for the September/October issue of Belle Armoire about a purse that she and a friend made. Susan calls the purse a “sister” to one she made me. It looks almost identical, except for the beading. Check out these pictures I took of the article inside the magazine.

Maurice is going to be in a play on Sunday! He’s been rehearsing for it and I just got the invitation. Here are the deets:

You are invited to a reading of a new play by Robert Landy at Audubon Zoo’s Dominion Learning Center Auditorium  Sunday, October 17 at 2 p.m.
“Letters from Sing Sing” is about an extraordinary relationship between Michael, an incarcerated felon, an African-American man from the Jim Crow south of the 1950’s and Julia, a Caucasian woman, 30 years his elder, a volunteer teacher at Sing Sing, a philanthropist and prison re form advocate. Inspired by actual letters exchanged over a seven year period, the play delves deeply into the realities of crime and punishment and the redemptive qualities of relationship and love. Robert J. Landy, playwright, is a Professor of Educational Theatre and Applied Psychology, as well as the director of the Drama Therapy Program, at New York University. “Letters from Sing Sing” originated in his work in the prisons. Co-directed by Linda Cook, local arts educator/actress/drama therapist in CT and RI prisons, and Dr. Donald Brady, award-winning playwright/actor/director/social activist and Professor Emeritus from Loyola University, the play features Linda Cook as Julia and Maurice Ruffin, an award-winning writer and local attorney active in social justice causes, as Michael. This is a work-in-progress and constructive, critical feedback is invited. Following the reading, there will be an audience discussion with the playwright and a reception. Admission is free.

Speaking of Maurice, this is a two-fer on the brag front because I just got word that his story The Pie Man was the first runner up in the Faulkner-Wisdom short story category. The news hasn’t been added to the winners/finalists page yet, but will likely be updated soon. Congratulations, Maurice and everyone who was recognized in the course of the contest.

And in Nick Fox news, he has finally taken advantage of the newest technology in news/information/opinion dissemination and started a blog. So all of you stalkers-of-the-Fox can bookmark this link for your fix. I’m sure I’ll still brag on him on occasion. 🙂

My newest 225 piece is up on the website, a review of the book Treasures of LSU, which catalogues a grand multi-location celebration of LSU’s 150 anniversary by highlighting its treasures and history. This one made me really nostalgic for my time at LSU and I made a lot of incredible discoveries. One thing I realized was that I’d never actually seen the inside of the Old State Capitol Building and, as a result, I checked it out yesterday with some friends while I was in Baton Rouge. It’s a great book, so check it out.

I think that’s it, for the moment. But, knowing the incredible people in my life, it won’t be long till there’s more to brag on, so never fear. 🙂

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Subversive meet subversive: Banksy and the Simpsons

Whoa, suddenly I see why the traffic on my site has skyrocketed in the last two days. Banksy directed the opening of The Simpsons recently and now the universe/internet is atwitter about his incredibly dark and subversive take that  pokes fun at the machine behind and beneath the now mainstream mundanity of The Simpsons, which as been around long enough to raise up a generation of twisted, hyper self-conscious youth (including myself). Kudos to The Simpsons and Matt Groening for inviting Banksy into their world and then running with what he gave them. The Simpsons is such an indelible part of pop culture at this point that they probably needed Banksy to shake them up a bit and it just goes to show that he’s not going anywhere. His forums just keep getting bigger and louder and more permanent.

Check it out, but be warned, it is a tad gruesome. Too bad it wasn’t the Halloween Treehouse episode. 🙂


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