NaNoWriMo Day 21

This week, I was stuck. Majorly stuck. And I haven’t unstuck myself just yet, but I thought you’d like to see this photograph of the Peauxdunque Writer’s Alliance during Words and Music this weekend. We’re missing a few members, including two new ones. It’s an odd photograph cause none of us were really ready yet and we’re grouped really oddly, but I like it anyway. Actually, I like it because of the strange grouping and because of the graffiti behind us and the New Orleans street stretching out just beyond us. And there’s a second I stole from Tad, taken by our waitress at Sylvain. I think Peauxdunque will one day be legendary for taking the most creatively odd group photographs. That and fostering numerous talented writers.

Sabrina, Terri, Me, Tad, Maurice and J.Ed

Tad, J.Ed, Terri, Me, Sabrina, Jamey, Maurice and Janice


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