NaNoWriMo 2011 Day 1

Last year, I checked in almost every day during the month of November, updating y’all on my NaNoWriMo progress. This year, I’m gonna shoot for every day. Let’s see how it goes.

First, let me say that November has got to be the worst month to do a project as large as 50,000 words. Why? Because the first day of the project follows a holiday where you are often tired, hungover and/or recovering. Then, there’s the fact that there’s ANOTHER big holiday at the tail end of the month. Lastly, there are only 30 days and because it’s near the end of the year and leading up to Christmas, there is SO MUCH wrapping up (of the year, of presents) to do.

Regardless. I am going to win. Just like I won last year, despite the odds (and they were tremendous). Those things I whined about in the above paragraph don’t change from year-to-year, so we have to go into this process with our eyes wide open.

Sister Aimee and I have hunkered down the last few years and cheered each other on. In 2009, I wrote about our history of writing together as children and how NaNoWriMo saved my life. But this year, we’re not just cheering each other on in the process, we’re writing together. We’ve each committed to writing 50,000 words of a joint story. We’re working out how that’s going to happen, so it’s a big adventure.

So. Day 1. We waited patiently for midnight last night (luckily we’re in the same time zone) and then, even though I was personally drooping in exhaustion, we word-warred for a half hour. Aimee got 714 words and I got 909.

We’re going to try to get our totals up to 1,667 before midnight. Let’s see if we can do it.

Post-midnight update: Aimee is now at 1,464 total words and I am at 1,985. When it comes to word wars, she and I are the definition of the tortoise and the hare. And you know which one won the race…



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2 responses to “NaNoWriMo 2011 Day 1

  1. I feel your pain. This year, many of us in the Northeast are not only dealing with the usual November chaos, but a nor’easter that took out power to over 800,000 customers in Connecticut alone. I’m sure there were a few people starting their NaNoWriMo’s long hand (myself included).

  2. emofalltrades

    Oh, that sounds wretched! But it does make a great story to brag about after the fact, doesn’t it? And wait…you’re writing a comment on my blog, so that must mean you have power back, right? 🙂 GOOD LUCK!

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