Songs that are making my day

I heard this first one last night at Tipitina’s before the Amanda Palmer + Grand Theft Orchestra show last night. My response: “This would be fun to tango to.” Can’t stop playing it. 🙂

This second one was sent today by a friend to amuse me. The story is that Reggae Pop, featured in the video, goes to L.A. parties and dances with all the guys’ girlfriends.

And back to last night’s show, Amanda Palmer brought up the St. Cecilia’s Asylum Chorus to do their acapella version of her song “Map of Tasmania” and they killed it. Enjoy the video:



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4 responses to “Songs that are making my day

  1. Jessica

    Oh shoot – Amanda Palmer was last night? 😦 I thought somehow that was still a ways away. I totally wanted to see her! Ah well, next time. Sounds like it was awesome. And I would totally play that song for tango!

  2. emofalltrades

    Hi Jessica! I wish I’d known you like Amanda Palmer, I would’ve reminded you about the show. I have a standing date to see her Nola shows with my friends Aimee and Paul, who you would love. We should see if you can DJ a nuevo set after tango at Eiffel soon…

    • Jessica

      Oh yeah let me know if she comes back! I don’t think I’d DJ at Eiffel… that’s a real club and I’m not a “real” DJ, I just play songs 🙂 But I need to DJ a party at my house or sometimes I DJ in Baton Rouge – I need to do that again soon.
      Also: I have a book recommendation for you… thought of you when I finished it… we should have coffee sometime – I have a book to lend you if you need more reading 😉

      • emofalltrades

        Excuse me, but I call bullshit on you not DJing at Eiffel. I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t rock at Eiffel. But a house party would be lovely, too, so whatever you feel comfortable with. 🙂 We do need to get together for coffee soon. I started reading Long After Midnight at the Nino Bien a while back. It was great, but I kept having to put it down to finish something else. I’ll have to go back to it soon.

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