The Grandma Road Trip

As my latest movie was coming to an end, Mums and I found ourselves in a similar place: jobless and excited about the possibilities, while trying to reconcile ourselves to change. I live in a different state from my mother, as she does from hers. We have, all three generations of us and in our own ways, been trying to establish better relationships with each other despite this physical distance. So, Mums and I conceived of a trip, a massive road trip, to visit both of my grandmothers, who are 87 and 88 and who I haven’t seen in a few years. This trip would also enable us to see other family we hadn’t seen for a long time and spend more time with each other. Plus, and this isn’t the smallest factor, we each needed an adventure.

I will break down this trip in the next several posts, maybe over a few days, beginning with Leg One: Baton Rouge.


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