NaNoWriMo 2012 Day 1 + Day 2

Exhausted from a busy Halloween evening, I met Jessica for a short 20-minute word war yesterday morning. I clocked only 390 words, hand-writing into a notebook. I fumbled around a bit, trying to find that first scene that would uncork the words. It was tough to concentrate because I was so tired and I had a lot of work to do. But, it was nice to have that first word war to kick off NaNoWriMo 2012 because I might’ve let the excuses keep me from writing any words.

It was a busy day that included some housekeeping because I’m trying to clear out the junk in my loft (which is where my home office is) and get everything together for a community yard sale that’s coming up. That evening, I typed up my words from the initial word war and then managed 439 more before giving in to sleep.

Day 1 word count: 829

Today, Jessica and I met again and this time had a 30-minute word war. I bribed us both with 2 pieces of Halloween candy. We would earn ours only if we reached 1,000 words during our 30 minutes. We both won, so the candy bribe worked. I was just over with 1,015. Jessica had a few more than me.

After she left, I stayed at the coffee shop and I’ve just written 360 more words. I was careful to stop right before a scene that will be pretty long and action-driven, which I’m excited to write. This will make it easier to dive right in when I come back to it later today. That’s the theory, at least.

Day 2 word count (so far): 1,375

I’ll update later, after I tackle the day’s tasks.

[Evening update 8:05 p.m.]

After lunch and errands, Aimee and I word warred and each did alright. I got 595 words then. Later, I went back to the scene I was working on and did another 1,628 words, so I caught up and got a little bit ahead! It feels good and I hope this trend lasts. It would be good to finish a few days early this time around.

End of Day 2 word count: 3,598.

Total word count (so far): 4,427.

Also, I’m a little obsessed with the new stats page. It will be a good motivator, I think.


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