NaNoWriMo 2012 Day 4

Day 4 was a monster word day! Nick Fox is visiting with his girlfriend Corinne, so I met them early at Sound Cafe for a writing session. I’ve never been there before and loved it immediately. It’s cozy and has a little bookshop and just all around awesome. Even though Nick’s not doing NaNoWriMo, I suggested that we word war and Nick raised the stakes by suggesting an hour-long war.

I was handwriting in my notebook, Nick was typing and Corinne was reading. The hour just flew by. Nick did a little over a 1,000 words and after typing up my words this evening, I discovered that I wrote 1,006 words in that first hour-long session.

Near the end, Jessica joined us and dived in for the last twenty minutes of the war. Almost immediately after the hour ended, a rainstorm hi suddenly. The temperature dropped 15 degrees in like 5 minutes. The shop employees and the customers closed the many doors and almost all of the windows and suddenly, it was truly cozy. The perfect place to huddle for an afternoon of writing.

So we went into a second hour-long war and Nick’s friend Andy joined us. My word count from that second session is 1,122.

Afterwards, Andy packed up and headed out. The rest of us refreshed our drinks, stretched, made phone calls and took bathroom breaks. Then, started all over again for a third hour-long word war. This time, my count was 1,200!

I don’t know if we could’ve done any more marathon sessions, so we all packed up. Jessica had stuff to do. Nick, Corinne and I set off for The Joint, but it was closed. We decided to go to Fatoush Restaurant in The Healing Center because I remembered them having the best lamb I’ve ever tasted. The food was amazing, the company was awesome and we were riding high from our huge word counts.

The rest of the day, for me, was errands and watching two movies at home while typing up my words and catching up with a few things.

Total Day 4word count: 3,328

Total word count (so far): 9,557


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