NaNoWriMo 2012 Day 5

Though I got an early start, today was a weirdly unproductive day. I thought I’d rolled with Daylight Savings Time, completely unaffected except that I had a great writing day yesterday, tons of energy and time for everything. But today was like jet lag after a long trip.

I managed to get some work done, but not a great deal. I was tired and unfocused.

When it was time to go home, I ended up tackling another portion of my clean-the-loft project for about an hour and a half, probably just to feel like I’d done something with myself today. That way, I justified my t.v. viewing.

I’m a bit ahead with NaNoWriMo from my huge day yesterday, but I want to stay ahead and bank my words so that I can finish before the end of the month, maybe even before Thanksgiving. So I decided I owed it to myself to at least break 10,000 tonight, since I was so close.

Total Day 5 word count: 463.

Total word count (so far): 10,020.



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