NaNoWriMo 2012 Day 6

Another slow day, between voting and the distraction of working near my polling location, in view of everybody else who was voting throughout the day. I did see quite a few of my neighbors and friends, since they also vote at the same place. All very distracting. But Jessica and I did do one word war, around lunch time, so it helped me stay on track. It’s also a tango night, so in between dances, most of us were checking our phones for updates on the election.

I’m proud of America’s democratic system. That sounds pretty dorky, but it was cool to meet people who get excited on Election Day, as I do. And I did see a few folks today beaming and excited, inspired and energized. I think it’s amazing what we can do together and for the record, I’m very happy that President Obama gets four more years to solve the problems he inherited and to dig us out of the deep financial, social and educational holes we’ve been buried in for decades.

Before I sign off:

Total Day 6 word count: 636

Total word count (so far): 10,656.


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