NaNoWriMo 2012 Day 12

I was determined to get an earlier start today and made plans to meet with Jessica to war in the morning. Well, the cold, rainy morning slowed us down, but we both still got to the coffee shop fairly early. We dove into a longish 45-minute word war. I managed 1,131 words and Jessica did a chunk as well. After our war, I kept writing for a bit longer and added another 686, making a nice first round for today. I’ve got to write more later because I’m still 2,000 words behind!

Between my two word counts, I ended up having a conversation with a guy at the table next to me who’d caught bits of my conversation with Jessica. He wondered what we were up to, so I tried to explain NaNoWriMo to him. He was confused and intrigued and it was kind of funny, the look he was giving me while I tried to explain this thing that doesn’t make any sense. I’m sure he’s going to tell someone he knows later, “You’ll never believe this crazy thing these girls I met in the coffee shop was doing…”

Day 12 (so far) word count: 1,817

Total word count (so far): 18,077.

5 p.m. Update:

Before he left, the guy I talked to earlier caught my eye and said, “Good luck with your project. Write on!” That must’ve given me good luck, because after doing a bit of freelance work and eating lunch, I sat down to write some more, invigorated. “Write on!” I did! I caught up!

2nd session word count: 2,115!

Day 12 (so far) word count: 3,932

Total word count (so far): 20,192

11:05 p.m. Update

Today has been a very productive day. Just did a bit more writing and garnered a further 861 words. I’ve just gotten past the Big Climatic Moment where that one character was originally going to die. Yup, she’s still alive. I’ve tried to get the plot back on track several times, to no avail. She’s decided that she’s going to survive, at least for now. But, I’m satisfied that the Big Moment was still very climatic, regardless. Maybe even more so.

Day 12 word count: 4,793

Total word count (so far): 21,053.



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