NaNoWriMo 2012 Day 18 + Day 19

Day 18

Annnnnd I was back to being sick yesterday, so I had a slow start to my day. My big reward was a viewing of Wreck It Ralph with some friends. It was very funny and extremely clever and we all enjoyed it. After I came home from my big reward, I was worn out and ready to go to bed. Between being sick for the last few days and it getting dark at like 3 p.m. lately, I have just been exhausted. But, I forced myself to sit and write. I told myself that I just had to write some words. I’ve written some words every day this month and I didn’t want to break my record. I haven’t always made my daily goal, but I’ve written at least a few hundred words every day. So, that’s all I had to do, I told myself. 3,000 words later, I had caught up and even gotten a little ahead. I don’t know where it came from. I think I was delirious. But yes, I have gone back to make sure that I didn’t just write “All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl” over and over again. The words actually make sense and they’re not half bad.

Day 18 total word count: 3,000

Total word count (so far): 30,110.

Day 19

No words yet so far. And the coffee shop closes in an hour, so I better get going. Let’s see how I do…

9:24 p.m. Update:

The coffee shop is closing up in 5 minutes, so I have to make this quick. I was able to write 1,900 words just now, keeping just slightly ahead. Best thing is that I have a big action sequence coming up, so I should be able to really rack up the words tomorrow.

Day 19 word count: 1,900

Total word count (so far): 32,100


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