NaNoWriMo 2012 Day 23

As soon as I walked into the coffee shop, I saw the guy I wrote about on Day 12. He looked up, saw me settle into the table next to him and demanded, “How many words have you written?” I happily reported to him that I have a little over 35K, so I’m a bit behind, but still working diligently. He said, “Well, you still have a week left.” I sheepishly admitted, “Actually, I want to finish early, by next Tuesday.” So, he said, “Better get to work, then.” For a guy who didn’t seem to understand what I’m doing at first, he has definitely got it now. Before he left, he told me about a story in the Wall Street Journal about Margaret Atwood and Wattpad. He said he was going to make copies of it for a few writers he knows and sure enough, he returned a little while later with a copy for me. He may just be my NaNoWriMo angel this year.

I finished up the bragging on post I’ve been working on for a while, which I posted earlier. Handled some administrative matters. And then got to work on my words. I’m through the big action sequence I mentioned earlier, which wasn’t quite as climatic as I’d anticipated. The zombies don’t always jump out when you expect them to. But I have some good stuff coming up. I’m going to take a break for now, recharge my batteries and then write some more. I’m on lockdown this weekend, focusing entirely on hitting 50K as soon as possible.

Day 23 word count (so far): 1,257

Total word count (so far): 36,787.

10:40 p.m. Update

My break was dinner and the end of the LSU-Arkansas game, followed by two movies while I did a little bit of catching up with emails and other tasks. Then, I dove back into words. I just finished a pretty good session, carving out 1,725 words, and I’m still in the middle of a pretty big scene. So, this is a quick break to update, stretch, that good stuff, before I tackle the rest of it. I’m now officially caught up. And now, to get ahead…

Day 23 word count (so far): 2,982

Total word count (so far): 38,512.

11.:58 p.m. Update:

I’ve written only another 639 words, but I may have to call it a wrap for tonight, only a little bit ahead.

Day 23 word count (so far): 3,621

Total word count (so far): 39,151.



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2 responses to “NaNoWriMo 2012 Day 23

  1. It is surprising how many people actually get behind you for NaNoWriMo once they know what NaNoWriMo is. I know I’ve run into people I haven’t seen in a while and had them ask me, “It’s November, you’re doing that book thing, right?”

  2. emofalltrades

    Everybody likes an underdog. How are you doing this year? Behind? Ahead? On schedule?

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