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What I’ve been thinking about lately…

Everyday, I read dozens of little news items about the whole gamut of human experience. Literary and movie news, scientific discoveries, music, random celebrity-ness (yes, I admit) and current events. My co-workers do as well, and from time to time, one of them will announce some odd or interesting factoid or this-just-in and the rest of us will listen.

My first week at my new job, one of my co-workers said into the large, silent office we all share: “So, what’s going on in the world?” One of my other co-workers said, “A woman says Steven Seagal made her his sex slave and Treme got picked up for a second season.”

Random. But then, we’re news and information junkies.

Throughout each day, I have an ocean of factoids and images in my head, each swimming around in there like strange aquatic life. One day, I read the Wikipedia page on the Donner party and had those horrific deets bouncing around, and then read a review of Exit Through the Gift Shop and did my budget. That’s just modern life.

So, here are some links to randomness that I’ve been thinking about the last few weeks.

-A man rescued a woman being attacked, got stabbed and died on a NYC sidewalk as bystanders avoided and ignored him. So horrified by this one, I read a second article later the same day.

-Lane Bryant plus-sized lingerie commercial censored. This pieces mentions a Victoria Secret ad that I saw about 20 minutes before (and an hour after) reading this.

Women make less money when they get married and take their husband’s last name?

-Even though I worked on The Final Destination, apparently there will be a 5th in the franchise. Not so final, after all. Are any of us surprised? I remember reading the script and thinking, “Last one, huh? Yeah, right…”

-A book of Marilyn Monroe writings! I’ll certainly read that book. Feel free to send me an advance copy for review, Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Seriously.

-An utterly hypnotic YouTube video of 500 years of female art subjects morphing into each other. Check it out!

-Kelly Osbourne gets flak for claiming that she looked healthier and skinnier after she started wearing self-tanner on Dancing with the Stars.

-Author Kathryn Stockett has a Google Maps application on her site with her readers’ names and locations. This kinda just scares me. Especially since my mom’s book club is reading The Help next month.

New Mark Twain manuscript has surfaced, in memory of his favorite daughter, who died.

-Cadillac driver stops a purse snatching! With the car!

-Molly Ringwald’s therapist told her to stop dating writers and be a writer.

Darth Vader-narrated GPS! Hysterical video. 🙂

Daughter of serial killer writes book.

How the pill liberated women – the author’s mother counts it as the most important invention of her lifetime.

-“Sea Waif” tragedy survivor breaks 50-year silence.

CW is resurrecting Moonlight! Well, just reairing episodes along with The Vampire Diaries. But still cool. Alex O’Loughlin is wonderful. See The Back-Up Plan for evidence. I did, last week, in a double feature with Date Night.

-The breeder of the labradoodle regrets the designer dog trend.

-The story behind the Carrie Underwood song “Play On.” And her fellow AI alum, Kelly Clarkson, has a new song I can’t wait to hear (it’s been pulled anywhere you might be able to hear it online) – “Wash, Rinse, Repeat,” apparently lambasting the music industry in general and “Already Gone”/”Halo” co-writer Ryan Tedder in particular.  And while we’re on AI, 5 potential replacements for Simon Cowell – I’d love any of them.

The Art of ConfessionCurtis Sittenfeld interviews Meghan Daum and Emily Gould! Wonderful piece – I wish it were five times longer. You might remember that in my very first blog post (almost 2 years ago!), I described my attraction/repulsion to blogging thusly:

So that’s my way of saying I’m ambivalent about blogging. Primarily because of delicious little trainwrecks like this: Emily Gould Blogs All

-This lovely photo project, Dear New Orleans, came to my attention because of the wonderful Scene Magazine‘s most recent issue.

-Somebody recently told me that Mr. Rogers was formerly a sniper in the army and I repeated this to a co-worker, who got me hooked on Snopes.com by using it to REFUTE THIS RUMOR!

-And now, we come full-circle to my horror at the NYC left-for-dead-on-the-sidewalk circle with a much more positive story about a group of individual female students rushing a man who was attacking another woman. They pinned him to the ground till the authorities arrived – and probably, as all parties acknowledge, saved her life. A round of applause to those woman, and my admiration.

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Writing today from the belly of a hurricane

At my current job, in a tiny plywood office with an ENORMOUS fan blowing all the paperwork around me. I guess that would be a tornado instead of a hurricane, but it reminds me of the way the trees bend in the wind when a storm is brewing up.

So, I am in love, love, love with Patty Griffin. Like the best music, I feel like I found her myself, like she’s speaking only to me when she sings. This woman’s voice is so incredibly powerful and tender, full of yearning and grit. It’s a little bit all Patty all the time in my house right now. Especially her song “Trapeze,” which instantly went into the soundtrack for TCB. “Rowing Song” is also really good and she has amazing covers of “Tracks of My Tears” and “Moon River.” This woman is phenomenal. I had goosebumps listening to her last night and I actually sat still and closed my eyes to listen, which I almost never do when I’m at home. I’m always multitasking. I sat there and thought, “The universe does always know what I need and look, it gave me Patty Griffin.”


A few days ago, I watched August Rush, and I have to say I liked it a lot. I’d heard some bad things about it and it was sentimental and rather implausible, but I’m a sap for movies like that. I love Keri Russell too. And Jonathan Rhys Meyers. And Terrence Howard. And Alex O’Laughlin, who was in Moonlight (so sad! damn CBS!) and plays Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ brother here. Lotta goodness, right there. But it occurred to me later that, like Sleepless in Seattle and other great examples, the two romantic leads probably share less than a total 45 minutes of screen time. So many romantic stories are so concentrated on how two people get together after being so distant. And that’s probably appropriate. But I like stories like The Cutting Edge where the romantic leads spend LOTS of time together, fighting and being their horrible selves before they finally get together. LOL. I have no problem imagining those characters spending their lives together. I wonder what that says about me. Anyway, the music’s great in August Rush, as you’d expect it to be in a movie about music.


A lighthouse in Cape Cod became a mystery when it went missing in 1925 (believed to have been destroyed). It was recently discovered that it was moved to Point Montara, California. The juicy story broke in Lighthouse Digest. Lighthouse Digest! How amazing is that? They still don’t know the details of how they moved it to California.


Reminded me a bit of A Rose for Emily, but two locals lived with a decaying corpse – no one knows how long just yet. A former teacher of mine is mentioned in the article, so there was a random moment of pride in there, mixed together with the horror and disgust.


I’m amused watching everyone speculate about the “Mystery Memoir” on GalleyCat. Here’s the latest, getting increasingly rabid.


Here’s something interesting from Gawker about bloggers writing about their kids, oversharing and all of the things I worry about as a newbie blogger.


And Gawker again, talking about stealing news stories. Haven’t read it yet, but it’s bound to be amusing.


For the first time in a long time, a full scene came to me while I was brushing my teeth (or whatever I was doing) and I jumped for a notebook to scribble it down by hand. Pretty invigorating. I miss how handwriting feels, the freedom I feel writing that way as opposed to the computer. TCB is coming along slowly, but I am so very happy with the 70 or so pages I have. Even the ones I know that need a lot of cleaning up. I’m finally on the right track with this damn thing. 🙂

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