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Cajun singing, hellacious road trips and new jobs

My only excuse is that I’ve been very, very busy. There was a trip to Baton Rouge, then a turn around back to New Orleans with an interview the next morning, followed immediately by a long drive to see my family (made longer by a lovely visit all together with my sister and her son on the way). The short stay with my parents was abbreviated by a hellacious trip back to New Orleans (read: an extra two hours) and I began a new job the next day. Whew.

However, I’m not just whining. I do have a gift for you.

In Baton Rouge, I caught the Baton Rouge One Book One Community (there is a New Orleans version of OBOC) event, which featured Rheta Grimsley Johnson (whom I have written about before, recently) talking about her book Poor Man’s Provence. We were a lucky, lucky audience that night because not only did we get Rheta (more than enough for any audience), but she brought with her Helene Boudreaux (who sang for a while before Rheta spoke) and Jeanette and Johnelle, all of whom feature vividly in the book. (Read it, so you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you’ve read it, you know what I’m talking about).

I got to meet up with great friends of mine at the event, Susan and Larry Broussard, and when all was said and done, when the volunteers were packing up and the audience had mostly gone, it was just the Cajun Contingent left and sure enough, Helene and Larry found that one French song they knew in common and started singing.

Finally figured out how to get the video on here – my first YouTube video! And here’s a bonus present, a picture of Rheta and I together. And don’t forget, you have the 225 piece to look forward to, yet!100_6586b

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