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Brag your heart out

The Words and Music Faulkner-Wisdom Award finalist and semi-finalist lists are up! There are some awesome Peauxdunque placements and many friends have been recognized. There may be additions to this later as those still in the running are listed only by title at the moment.

Novel category finalists (short and long list) include:

Helen Krieger‘s Don’t Cry Little Monster

Sabrina Canfield‘s Birds of Paradise

Tad Bartlett & J.Ed Marston‘s Kites, Quite Tall

Mark Spitzer‘s Monstropocalypse

Novel-in-Progress finalists include:

Missy Wilkinson‘s Life During the Plague Years

James Claffey‘s Motion of Souls

Sabrina Canfield‘s To The Place Where They Go

Susan Kirby-Smith‘s Desert Humidity

Short story finalists include:

Helen Krieger‘s Okay, So You Talk

Jennifer Nunes‘s Buy One, Get One

J.Ed Marston‘s No Accidental Fall

Tad Bartlett‘s The Non-Artists

*Maurice Ruffin‘s Ten Stories and Terri Stoor‘s A Bellyful of Sorrow are both still in the running.

Essay finalists:

Sabrina Canfield‘s Spring Sparks Sure Shot

Nefertiti Austin‘s Barack Obama Made a Liar Out of Me

*Terri Stoor‘s Bird Dog is still in the running.

Poetry finalists include:

Claire Dixon‘s The Deep End

Jenn Marie Nunes‘s Only Daughter

*Tad Bartlet‘s new century/old century, three acts and J.Ed Marston‘s Voyage of the Limit Perfected Fish are both still in the running.

Please let me know if I’ve forgotten or missed anyone!

Congrats to everybody and good luck to those still in the running!

In other news, Ronlyn Domingue has finished the first of two books that developed from one epic novel that she’s been writing. They are “independent but wholly interconnected,” Ronlyn says. She continues writing the second.

I have three pieces in this month’s 225 Magazine. One is a profile of Jeanne Leiby and her book of short stories. One is a review of the Baton Rouge One Book One Community selection CRAZY. And one is a review of Chris Tusa’s Dirty Little Angels. Also, I reviewed Hollywood Car Wash over at NOLAFemmes.

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Fess Up Thursday – Performing Arts

So, thanks to the Peauxdunque folks, I had a baby epiphany about an early section of my book. Just a little insert, but I’m excited about it. It’s even more remarkable when you consider I’d gone straight to our meeting from a 13-hour work day and I was beat (sorry, y’all!).

I guess I should do my due diligence and inform everybody that I’m reading for the first time in forever, as part of the LSU Day Celebration. Not only am I not alone, I’m in super-excellent company. The official lineup is thus:

Jamey Hatley
Chris Shipman
Emilie Staat
Claire Dixon
Vincent Cellucci
Ben Lowenkron
Ronlyn Domingue
Kristin Sanders

When: Saturday, April 24, 2010

Time: 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

Where: Allen Hall 102 (LSU Campus)

[5:20 p.m. edit: Oh, niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Two seconds after I do my due diligence and blog about my up-coming reading, the whole freaking LSU Day gets postponed till fall because of bad weather. Of course it got canceled–er, postponed. I was actually prepared, for once. 🙂 I thought I was an all-growed-up writer person, knowing what I was going to read and all that jazz. Then, the universe decided to BLAM! some weather at my best-laid plans. Well. The people on the roster above still rock, just FYI. Check them out if and when you can.]

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