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New Orleans street art

For all of my posts about street art and all my photos of graffiti from around New Orleans, I’ve never actually dedicated a post just to New Orleans images. But I always take pictures, compulsively. Most people know by now that if you’re walking with me, I’m likely to stop and start taking pictures. Even Papa Bear knows that after a visit to Elizabeth’s (and the area near Dr. Bob’s) and a walk we took to Juan’s. He was very patient with me while I fell back and snapped pictures of all the amazing street art I saw.

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I loved reading about the Swoon exhibit through NOMA over at NOLAFemmes, which is going on through September. Good news for those of us who haven’t caught it yet.

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NaNoWriMo Day 28 – the 10K day

As often happens, my phenomenal Day 26 was followed by a (relatively speaking) fallow day. As it was my parents’ last full day in the city, I spent a lot of it with them. I went to their hotel in the morning so we could all listen to my brother on the radio – Hard Luck Norm on kufo.com. Mamma Mia! and I played cards and talked with Papa Bear with the hard rock in the background until we’d all hush up when Norm‘s voice came on. It was really fun. We’re all proud of him.

Mamma Mia! and I had a quick lunch (this was after I ran into both my 225 editor and a former boss within a few feet of my house), then went off to see Burlesque. It’s about what you’d expect, maybe a little more: high-energy, sexy, great singing and dancing, very attractive people all around. Not the best writing or acting in the world, but by far not the worst. By far. And I was surprised by how many funny lines were in the movie, thanks mostly to Stanley Tucci (and some by Kristen Bell). Cher was poignant and Christina Aguilera, while the acting weak link in the movie, was powerful whenever she was on stage.

We rounded out the evening with Papa Bear at Juan’s and had a good time together. There was a quick cameo appearance by Jamey, which delighted my parents and then they left me to write. As it was the end of the day, I “only* got about 1,800 words done. Nothing to sneeze at, to be sure, but not quite the word count I need at this point, especially as the last two days of the month are work days.

Woke early today to see off my parents. And then I went straight to Cheers and I wrote. As my parents were driving home to Georgia (7+ hours), I spent that time writing. Maurice and Jamey came by and cheered me up and on. It was physically exhausting, but relatively easy going thanks to some steady word wars with folks on Twitter. By around five p.m., I had just under 7,870 words and my parents were getting closer to home.

I took a break for Thanksgiving leftovers and my Netflix movie – Get Him to the Greek. Was absolutely prepared to hate this movie because both Russell Brand and Jonah Hill mostly annoy me. But, I laughed out loud during most of the movie. I loved the Kristen Bell cameo where she played Sarah Marshall. Too funny.

Anyway, I actually got back to work after dinner and the movie. I knocked out a couple more thousand words and made today an official 10K day. My final count for today is 10,604 and my total so far is 42,111. This is actually doable at this point. Really. I just have to remember that tomorrow when I’m exhausted after work.

Can’t stop now!

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Fess Up Friday (the so glad to be done edition)

Let it be known that around 7:35 p.m. today, I finished my book and my first act upon said completion was to launch myself across Cheers, throw myself into Jamey’s arms and sob for about three minutes. And then she took me to Juan’s for some melted cheese and margaritas where I occasionally sighed with relief and randomly grinned and was generally goofy.

Just prior to this launching and sobbing and celebrating, B. came by and knocked on the window and made silly faces at me, to which I very meanly held up a finger and mouthed “ONE PAGE” and then made a rude gesture for him to leave me alone. But he’s forgiven me, so that’s okay. This is what happens when one finishes one’s masterpiece at a public venue.

At this point, my computer has threatened to die several times, my hands and wrists hate me and I am incredibly sleep deprived, but I never once had to consume an energy drink and I’ve slept at least four or six hours each night. I think we can surmise that my coffee habit is so much more pervasive and deeply rooted than the last time I pushed to finish a book (ha, also this one, but in a different version) that I had no need for energy drinks (Rockstar didn’t come through anyway).

But let’s rewind to where I left off with the last FUF. N. came into town and we assembled a motley crew for a bit of drinking and dinner at the local and the next morning, we recuperated with some yummy at Slim’s. Then, we hit Magazine and the Quarter for some fun shopping and indulged in the best candy in the city. And then, like a good girl, I stayed in to write while N. went out. Though, we did hit the local after that, so it’s a toss up how good I actually was. And then we recuperated again the next day with Slice and some Borders browsing before she went home. I spent the rest of Sunday doing some last minute hurricane research, which was pretty traumatic, but helpful. I watched a short movie (41 minutes) about the affects of storms on Louisiana’s coastal wetlands called Hurricane on the Bayou that’s pretty remarkable and I highly recommend it. It features some awesome local musicians and there’s a pretty amazing story behind it, but that’s for another time.

I finished a wonderful book called Cures for Heartbreak by a writer I adore, Margo Rabb. I managed to keep my (few) appointments and I did watch SYTYCD both Wednesday and Thursday, though I almost forgot about Wednesday and missed the very beginning. But largely, people knew to ignore me and I felt qualified to ignore them.

And so, some final word counts for you:
5/23: 68
5/24: 1,074
5/25: 4,118 (yeah, I know)
5/26: no new words, but lots of editing
5/27: 2,205
5/28: 1,688
5/29: 4,619 (whew)

The days got kinda strange there. For several days in a row, I was up till 3 and then 4 and then 5 a.m. I’d get a few hours’ sleep, address bills and emails (the least amount I could get away with), talk to Jamey and drink coffee, putter around a bit, then go home and eat. Around 7 or 8 p.m., I’d begin writing again. This morning, I was up till 7 a.m. and almost finished the book. I had ONE chapter left and had to stop because I was exhausted and had an appointment in the afternoon. Even after I forced myself to shut down the computer and go to bed, I was jotting down notes in a frenzy. So after the appointment and puttering around, I got back to work about 5 p.m. and by 7:35, I’d finished. Which brings us back to the beginning of this post.

Thank you to everyone for your support.

In parting, some links to things I’ve found interesting this week:

This person gives me hope for the youth of America (and also makes me sad about that status of education in America).

This is mostly a test to see if W. reads my blog. 🙂 Horror novels on toilet paper. What next?

Men love Twilight, too.

Yay for Louiethis is fun.

To bed, go I. My blog is a year old, my book is finished and I get to see my Papa Bear tomorrow. Life is good.


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