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Let’s lead with a terrific piece of news that I found out about while I was attending Words and Music. In August, I bragged that Kiki Whang’s “Cucarachero” was selected as the 2012 fiction winner of the Enizagam Literary Awards. Her story has since been nominated for a Pushcart Prize!! I’m sure I’ll be bragging on her some more in a few months.

James Claffey has been busy as always, with new stories at:   Thrice Fiction Magazine  Tuck Magazine  Red Fez  The View from Here  & Negative Suck and he’ll soon be working with Thrice Fiction to publish his novel! His wife Maureen Foley, also an extremely talented writer, has a novel called Women Float, which will be published in June. Check them out, if you haven’t already, for they are a family of literary powerhouses.

A fabulous tango dancer/instructor, Tomas Corbalan, is also a musician and he has a new video up on YouTube. Check it out:

MelaNated Writers’ Collective is hosting the Novel Challenge: Toni Morrison, the schedule is listed below. I think this is a fabulous idea.

The Bluest Eye is currently being facilitated by Vanessa DeGuia
Sula Feb 19-Mar 19 facilitated by Jewel Bush
Song of Solomon March 26-April 23 facilitated by Gian Smith
Tar Baby April 30-May 28 facilitated by Marla Chidron
Beloved June 4-July 2 facilitated by Davida Chanel
Jazz July 9-Aug 6 facilitated by Ambata Kazi Nance
Paradise  Aug 13-September 10 facilitated by Kristina Robinson
Love September 17-Oct 15 facilitated by Jeri Hilt
A Mercy October 22-November 19 facilitated by Geryll “Gee Love” Robinson
Home Nov 26-Dec 24 facilitated by Mary Webb

The first season of Helen Krieger’s new webseries Least Favorite Love Songs is available to watch in its entirety, for free. She was behind the camera for Flood Streets, but she’s acting in this one, so enjoy! Here’s the trailer:

Ronlyn Domingue‘s book release party for The Mapmaker’s War will be Sunday, March 17th at 4 p.m., at the Baton Rouge Gallery, a beautiful space. Local bookstore, Cottonwood Books will have copies available for purchase that I’m sure Ronlyn will be happy to sign. I’m already counting down till the sequel, The Chronicle of Secret Riven.

So many great books coming out this year, as well as music, events and now t.v. series, from my lovely and talented friends.


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Brag and the city

I’m late in bragging on this essay I wrote for 225 Magazine about LSU Press. I interviewed a lot of amazing people for this one and it was a joy to write a positive piece about all the good work being done in publishing, since we all read a lot of negativity about the way the industry is failing.


Ronlyn Domingue has an essay in the anthology, The Beautiful Anthology, work collected from The Nervous Breakdown, where she’s been publishing nonfiction for a while. Also, she has a publication date for her second novel, The Mapmaker’s War, which will be released February 19th, 2013. The sequel will be published in the spring of 2014.


Here’s the latest update from James Claffey, who has a plethora of recently published work (I especially love his signature – one day I will have a signature like his):

Nice words at the Review Review that mention my three short stories at Thrice Magazine: “Within the journal, my favorite illustrations were the ones that accompanied James Claffey’s trio of stories near the beginning of the issue,” and, “James Claffey’s trio of short pieces about life in Ireland may be succinct, but they explode with powerful descriptions that float off the page and flood the reader’s senses.”
New work at Press 1: Mad Dogs & Irishmen; Tampa Review Online: Hard Freeze; and Orion Headless: Cut Short
If you can, buy a copy of Scissor & Spackle containing two of my short fictions: Counting Holes in my Shoes & Ghost Watch


Jamey (Hatley) interviewed the Ernest J. Gaines award winner, Dinaw Mengestu, for 225 and was herself interviewed, along with Chef Chris DeBarr by Tad Bartlett for his new Oxford American column Food and Writing.


Arion Berger, a super talented Peauxdunque member, has self-published (as Lyra Byrnes) the first of three paranormal romances set in New Orleans.


Daniel Handler selected  Kiki Whang‘s story “Cucarachero” as the 2012 fiction winner of the Enizagam Literary Awards. Her story is published in Issue 6, so mosey on over and buy it. Here’s what Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) has to say about Kiki’s story:

‘Cucarachero’ is one of those stories that works like a trap. I wandered into the first paragraphs, charmed and intrigued, and then, curiouser and curiouser, fell deeper and deeper in, and not until the story was over did I have a real appreciation for how smart the thing is, how wise about people so unwise, how careful and yet how instinctually the whole thing is put together. This is the kind of thing I always want to read.”


The MelaNated Writers Collective has had three successful events in their Summer Reading Series. Check out L. Kasimu Harris‘s teaser for the second event event:

Video and photos from the events are available on MelaNated’s website. Here’s a great essay about why the Collective is so vital for its members and for New Orleans.

Some members of MelaNated Writers Collective


Tad’s done an amazing job keeping track of events and publications at the Peauxdunque website. There are a plethora of brag-worthy achievements in between my posts, so book your browsers accordingly. He’s beat me to the punch in listing the Peauxdunque finalists in the Faulkner-Wisdom Literary Awards, but I’m still gonna brag.

Keep in mind, the finalists who are still in the running are listed by title only, so there may be additional bragging later. I’m going to mention the folks I know who are finalists, but not list the titles of their work, since it’s a blind reading process.

In the novel category, Tad Bartlett and J.Ed Marston are on the short list of finalists for their novel Flying Kites. My friend and former teacher Rick Blackwood is the author of the semi-finalist novel <Ô!>. Peauxdunque member Susan Kagan ‘s novel Ruxandra is also a semi-finalist.

In the novel-in-progress category, Eloise Holland (Be My Thrill), Elsie Michie (Broken Ornaments) and Susan Kirby-Smith (Canyon Relics) are all semi-finalists.

In the short story category, Maurice still has a story in the running, and also has one on the short list for finalists, “The Winter Lion.” Also on the short list is Tad (“Hawks”), Craig Brandhorst (“No Air Holes Anywhere”), and Emily Choate (“Thunder Sometimes, Never Bells”). Emily is also a semi-finalist with “The Falling Down Side,” as are Jamie Amos (“A Good Dog Buries Its Bone”), Kiki Whang (“Keepers”), and Jenn Nunes (“Nothing That Couldn’t Just Float Away”).

In the essay category, Terri Shrum Stoor and yours truly are both still in the running.

I’ll add folks as the rest of the lists go up, as names are revealed and in case I’ve missed anyone. Congrats to all!


In other news, my friend Arvid Cristina is teaching a Final Cut Pro/After Effects class for NOVAC called Gimme Credits, later this month.


I’m so lucky to have the friendship of such talented people. I hope you’ll join me in supporting them all.


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Our Tennessee Williams Dinner

It all began with an assignment. My editor at 225 Magazine requested a review of the cookbook/foodie biography Dinner with Tennessee Williams, which is presented by a writer (Troy Gilbert), a chef (Greg Picolo from the Bistro at Maison de Ville) and a Tennessee Williams scholar (Dr. W. Kenneth Holditch). Gibbs Smith, the publisher, did a fabulous job with the presentation of the book – my intellectual side enjoyed the essays and the food photos made my mouth water.

But when I sat down to write my review, I realized there was more work to be done. How could I review a book containing recipes without trying out a few in the kitchen? While I enjoy cooking, my kitchen is pretty depressing. Also, with three professional cooks in my family, I’ve learned to cook instinctively (by taste and touch) and have never been very good at following recipes. I was intimidated, truthfully, because I knew that to review the book properly, I would have to follow those recipes. And so I reached out to Jamey for help. She’s the foodie between us, cooking more often than not and keeping a well-stocked kitchen. Luckily for me, she was agreeable.

The Tennessee Williams Festival was almost upon us as I was reviewing the book and my next brainstorm was that we HAD to cook the recipes during the Festival. And! Wait! It would HAVE to be a dinner for writers, so I would have to wrangle up some of those to eat with us.

It was crazy. I was crazy. But once I get a great idea, I just can’t let go of it, so I had to make it work. I’m lucky enough to have an editor who lets me run with crazy ideas on occasion and 225 has been, for me, the perfect venue for my most outlandish and creative schemes.

Luckily again, I was able to recruit Maurice and Kiki Whang to attend our dinner. Kiki also agreed to take pictures at our dinner as she is an amazing photographer in addition to being a wonderful writer and all around fun dining companion.

So, Jamey and I sat down to select our menu. Considering our tight budget and an even tighter timeline due to my crazy scheme, we picked three of the simplest recipes. Jamey was thoughtful enough to point out recipes with ingredients that were already available in her kitchen, which cut down on the expense and preparation.

The day of our Tennessee Williams dinner arrived, the last day of the festival, a Sunday. Jamey was the chef and I was her sous chef. She didn’t really need my help, I mostly got in the way, but it was fun to sip wine and watch Jamey whip up these dishes. I absolutely couldn’t have pulled it off without her and the company of our guests really elevated the evening into something we’ll have to do again in the future!

You can read the finished review at 225‘s website and below, you’ll find pictures and videos of every step of our dinner. Kiki has graciously allowed me to post some of her photos. The others were taken by me either on my phone camera or on Jamey’s camera. Enjoy!


Check out this hypnotic video of Jamey mincing garlic. There is sound, but you may have to turn up your volume to catch it.


Jamey consults the recipe

All of our prep came together when Jamey started to bread and fry the chicken breasts for the chicken bonne femme. Check out this video (apologies that it’s sideways, I couldn’t figure out how to get it right side up):


Our distinguished guests arrived and we tucked in:

Our Tennessee Williams Dinner

Check out this slideshow of our evening:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hey everyone, let’s do it again sometime!


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