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A tale of a brave little phone who could

So I lost my cell phone yesterday while playing volleyball. There were very few places it could have gone, but there was a scramble when it started to rain as everybody grabbed up their things and ran off. The volume was turned up high and everybody I knew called the thing, so it seemed pretty clear nobody had it. Yet, I looked for it in the rain and it was no where in sight.

Out of sheer stubbornness (and hopefulness), because I couldn’t afford to pay $200 to replace a phone I paid $50 for, I went back to the courts today and there, in the middle of our court where it must have fallen out of my bag, was my cell phone. Half buried in sand and still on.

It still works! After almost 24 hours in wet sand, undoubtably being rained on some, the thing is still going. I cleaned it off, and so I have my cell phone back. I’ll never take my brave little cell phone who could for granted again (Sanyo flip phone for anybody who’s interested) and this is a perfect demonstration of why nobody can reach me while I’m playing volleyball. Usually, I don’t take it with me. 🙂

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