I’m a writer who grew up in Georgia and Louisiana and I now live in New Orleans, which is an island and perhaps even a planet of its own. Certainly its own country.

Like many writers I know, I wear many hats (hence, “jill of all genres”) and I’ve done many things for fun and for money.

I have worked as a literary agent, a housesitter [/dogwalker/plant waterer], a bookseller, a salesperson, etc., but most of my jobs have been related to my aspirations and ability as a writer. For several years, I worked as a production secretary and a script coordinator in the film industry, on projects like True DetectiveOldboy, Twelve Years a Slave, Now You See Me and 21 Jump Street. I’ve co-written a script with Nick Cardinale called “Ostium” (seeking financing now…) and will definitely pursue film work again in the future.

But right now? Now I work at a library and I write. I dance and I cook.

Photo by Shari Stauch  Partner is Casey Mills

Photo credit: Shari Stauch
Partner is Casey Mills

I’m writing a memoir about my journey becoming a tango dancer. “Tango Face,” an essay I wrote about the gaze, looking and being looked at while dancing, won the William Faulkner-William Wisdom prize for the essay in 2012. Here’s a picture of me performing at the Faulkner for All gala:

I’ve been working on a novel forever (or what feels like forever, since about 2004). It’s called The Winter Circus and is about a girl who grows up in a circus family and runs away, ending up in New Orleans, where she tries to live a normal life. The second draft of this novel made the short list of finalists for 2009’s Faulkner-Wisdom Awards.

I’m obsessed with music and interested in photography, though I only sing for myself and I don’t take pictures as much as I should. I’m a voracious and omnivorous reader, especially of the old-fashioned physical art objects called books. One of my favorite hobbies is bragging about the accomplishments of my friends. I’ve accepted that I’ll never be able to brag often enough to keep up with everything they do – they’re way too ambitious and talented. But I try.

And, for lagniappe, before I go, my Twitter account is here and my Tumblr is here. Thanks for visiting.

Portrait by Gersin

Portrait by Gersin

Photo credit: Che Yeun

Photo credit: Che Yeun

Photo credit: Gus Bennett for the New Orleans People Project

Photo credit: Gus Bennett for the New Orleans People Project

*I use a combination of others’ photos (with credit), stock photos and my own photos. Please do not use any photographs (credited or my own) without permission from the photographer (in most cases here on the blog, this is me). Any photos I share are meant to enrich the experience of the text and I ask that you do not take them for any any reason. If you’d like to use my photographs, send me a message and ask. My email is my name at yahoo dot com.*

4 responses to “About

  1. T.K.

    Hi Emily,

    I wanted to offer my congratulations on winning the William-Faulkner William Wisdom Contest! My essay made the short list of finalists :). I too am a dancer (not tango, though I consider it a beautiful dance) and would love to read a dancer’s/writer’s perspective. Is your essay available anywhere on the net?

    • emofalltrades

      Hi TK! Thanks for your interest in the essay. It should be published later this year. I will certainly update here on the blog and provide a link as soon as it becomes available. I may even post the entire essay here after it’s published, if it’s not available online. What kind of dance do you do? Best of luck with your writing! -E

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